“The peeptoe Sneakers idea came to the founder, a corporate marketer converted to a new mom, around 6 months after she had her daughter; She realised heels belong to the past at least on the short run and couldn’t find funky flat sneakers that would also allow her to show off her nail polish and nail art; So she created them!

She worked around 20 months on the prototyping and the development of the design to finally land her first collection in 2016.

She named the brand after her favorite streets in the world where she believes her inspiration came from and where she hopes her dreams will take her.

Streets Of New York's Icon is not only a Pretzel which is sold on every corner of the streets of New York however by looking closely you will realize it is also a shoes lace!

As a brand we aspire to shift the norms and break the status quo; Our purpose is to help casual women and urban fashionistas alike to express their individuality and take a stand!

We hope that wearing our punchy peeptoe sneaks will unleash the little rebel inside of you...”